Adenia has set up a Whistleblowing Policy for all external stakeholders to raise, in good faith, a genuine reportable concern without fear of retaliation. It provides a platform for individuals and organisations to raise a concern if they feel they have been negatively affected by Adenia’s activities directly or indirectly (through the portfolio companies or other partners).

The Whistleblowing concern can either be made confidentially or anonymously. In both cases, enough information must be provided to facilitate a thorough investigation on the allegations.

It is encouraged that whistleblowing concerns are made promptly and at least within 2 weeks following the date of occurrence of the serious malpractice disclosed. However, there may be circumstances where whistleblowing concerns may be made after 2 weeks of the disclosed malpractice.

Serious malpractices are highly encouraged to be reported, some examples include:

  • Criminal offence, including bribery, corruption, fraud, misuse of office or breach of government regulations/laws
  • Breach of any legal obligation
  • Endangering health and safety and damage to the environment
  • Unethical practice in accounting, internal accounting controls, financial reporting and auditing matters
  • Breach of Adenia ethical principles and values
  • The cover up of any of the above

Whistleblowing concerns must be made through any of the below channels;

1. Readily available contact form (on the company’s website: www.adenia.com). These are redirected to designated officers of the Adenia team as per below:

  • Head of Sustainability & Impact;
  • Governance & Business Integrity Officer.


2. By telephone to Adenia team as follows:

  • Head of Sustainability & Impact: + 27 67 404 6784
  • Governance & Business Integrity Officer: + 230 5253 0162

All Whistleblowing concerns will be treated in the strictest confidence and Adenia pledges to take all reasonable steps to protect the identity of the whistleblowers unless any identity disclosure is required by law.