Adenia Partners and Adenia Capital Funds are incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius and licensed by the Financial Services Commission.

At Adenia, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive at all times to ensure that our investors, shareholders, employees, portfolio companies and all parties with whom we do business can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner. Our deep commitment to professionalism, fairness and integrity is described in our Policies.  

Business Integrity and AML Compliance 

Adenia has a zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy prohibits offering or giving anything of value to and soliciting or accepting anything of value from anyone for any facilitation purpose. purpose. Adenia is also committed to fight money laundering and the funding of terrorist activities. We have implemented a risk based Anti-Money Laundering compliance program designed to comply with anti-money laundering laws and regulations in jurisdictions where we operate. Our program includes training, awareness activities as well monitoring and testing for compliance.

Any person who believes that an Adenia  staff member is involved in bribery and corruption is strongly encouraged to report their concerns on our speak-up/complaints page.


Adenia is committed to the highest standards of transparency and reporting and has voluntarily agreed to conform on a “comply or explain” basis complied with the obligations of the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius.

Conflicts of interest 

Adenia recognises that some situations present its employees with a possible conflict of interest. These situations can involve both personal and professional loyalties, but they almost always have a professional impact.  

At Adenia we have in place policies to facilitate discussion about potential conflict of interest and have develop ways to ensure all such conflict is properly cared for.