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Shared ambition

Mutual respect between management, employees and all of our business partners is a cornerstone of what we do. This is reflected in the provision of clear and balanced contracts and our approach to open and active dialogue and listening.

We diligently apply the highest ethical standards across all of our partnerships, and expect the same from our partners. We achieve results through hard work, humility and working as a team. We promote transparency in all aspects of our business, particularly when it comes to our investors.

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Shared ambition

Good partnerships begin with a shared vision for the business.  But they become even stronger when individual interests and incentives can be aligned to reach outstanding results.  We believe that enabling participation in decision-making and in future economic gains is the best way to generate remarkable and sustainable business performance.

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Entrepreneurial spirit

We share the conviction that development of countries in Africa will happen through sustainable and profitable companies. Better managed and faster-growing companies will contribute even more. Determination, tenacity and creativity are entrepreneurial values that Adenia wants to foster.