We prize teamwork. Our contribution to our portfolio companies’ success comes not only from board participation, but through brainstorming, analysing, and working together to tackle the managerial and strategic challenges that come every day. We share a passion for achievement.

In partnering with Adenia, our entrepreneurs and management teams have access to an array of resources and like-minded business leaders.

We support our companies with time, expertise and equity investments at any phase of a company’s development, be it during start-up, expansion, or at maturity.

Shared vision

From the due diligence phase, we work to understand the market dynamics affecting our companies.

We share in the risks and returns of each of our investments. This means that we have the same incentives as our company managers to increase the value of their business – and the positive impact they have on the communities in which they operate.

Value creation

We’re all seeking strong returns. Value creation comes not only from top operational and financial performance in the short term, but also  from responsible business practices in order to be sustainable.

To this end, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) best practices are essential components in all of our investment decisions.

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