About Adenia Partners


Adenia Partners founded


First fund, Adenia Capital, established with committed capital of €10 million (fully invested)


Second fund, Adenia Capital (II), established with €37 million in capital commitments (fully invested)


Third fund, Adenia Capital (III), established with €96 million in capital commitments.


Fourth fund, Adenia Capital (IV), established with €230 million in capital

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The journey to building your own business is a long – and often lonely – one.

We know how tough the road is, because we have walked it ourselves. Our team of successful entrepreneurs founded Adenia Partners in 2002 to put this knowledge to fruitful use.

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We have built a fellowship of business leaders who, like us, pursue an ethos of excellence through hard work and humility. By interacting and sharing resources, our business leaders make so much more of the capital invested.

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We have deployed our investments through four funds, created in 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2016 respectively
In a variety of economic sectors: agribusiness, manufacturing, financial services,
Information technology & telecoms, tourism and health. You can view our portfolio here.


We invest in companies based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Visit us at our offices in Antananarivo, Port Louis, Accra, and Abidjan.